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Sparkle Paste OZ

The Sparkle Paste OZ series takes the "im" out of "impossible". Thanks to a spherical (OZ) solder powder and flux with excellent chemical stability, you may now use indium alloy pastes with the OZ series. The series also provides significantly longer shelf lives for ordinary solder alloy pastes and a wide range of products to satisfy your particular alloy composition, grain size, flux type, and melting temperature needs. Good printability and excellent dispensability makes a high quality reflow soldering.

Sparkle Paste OZ Powder

"Oxide Zero" OZ unifomed spheres. One white line in the photo is 100┬Ám.

After Printing (printed condition in 50 times)

Fine printing without "slumping" keeping excellent resolution.

After Reflow (after 24 hours)

Excellent stability & very few remaining solder balls.

Sparkle Paste: Typical Products & Specification

Products Visco
Features & Uses
OZ 2062-330F-42-10 150 0.4 For hybrid IC and silver coated component soldering.
OZ 63-221CM5-32-10 180 0.3 High reliability, RMA type, for 0.3mm time pitch exclusive application.
OZ 63-713C-40-9 190 0.5 Low residue, nitrogen reflow atmosphere, 1000ppm oxygen concentration.
OZ 63-330F-40-10 250 0.5 High workability, RA type, standard paste.
OZ 63-606F-AA-10.5 225 0.5 For cleaning in substitutive solvent.
OZ 295-162F-50-8 200 0.65 High temp. soldering, high workability, melting temp. 285°C to 296°C.
OZ 63-443C-53-11 100 *0.5Ø Rapid heating, good stable dispensing, RMA.
OZ 63-410FK-53-10 140 *1.0Ø For multi dispensing, no cleaning.
SS 63-290-M4 230 0.5 Good wettability, for Nickel and #42 alloy, equivalent in reliability of RMA type after reflow.
SS AT-233-M4 190 0.5 Prevention of tombstone for chip component, exclusive AT alloy, RMA.
SS AT-333-M4 190 0.5 Prevention of tombstone for chip component, medium viscosity.
Eco Solder M705-GRN360-K2-V 200 0.3 Pb-free solder SN-Ag-Cu alloy, RMA type.

*Minimum dia. of needle are marked.