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Solder & Flux

Sparkle Solder [Sn-Pb] series and Flux

Our comprehensive set of soldering technologies support the advance of the high-tech industries.

It is said that electronic devices start with jointing and end with jointing. A variety of jointing techniques have been developed for today's miniaturization and high density packing of electronic elements, but the role of soldering as the most universal and basic jointing remains the same.

SMIC's production lines are precisely designed to satisfy diversifying and sophisticated soldering requirements with such advanced products as the Sparkle Series and non-spattering odorless, high activity solders, to champion supporter of the world's electronic and other high-tech industries.

Sparkle Solder

Assembly of electronic equipment, communication equipment, measuring instrument and wire splicing.

Sparkle Paste OZ

Solder paste for reflow soldering of printed circuit board, hybrid IC, screen printing and dispenser use.

Solder Preform

Soldering connector's terminal and mother board, printed circuit board, electronic parts assembly, preforming semiconductor.

Soldering Flux

Removes oxide film on metal surface and enables the firm adhesion of solder to the metal surface.