Spray Fluxer for Lead-Free Soldering
The newly improved spray fluxer to meet RoHS regulations for Lead-Free flow soldering.


  • Uses a newly developed special nozzle which enables highly efficient application. 
  • Uses a new nozzle which enables stable application free of clogging.
    Easy maintenance because of the use of an automatic mechanism for cleaning nozzles and pipes. 
  • Incorporates an automatic cleaning system for the conveyer chain to ensure stick-free and
    smooth conveyance.
  • Provides upper and lower exhaust fans which prevent return shower and other problems.
  • Includes a color LCD touch panel to display various date in real-time such as filter dirt, consumed/applied flux volume, and substrate movement.
  • Easy flux control and stable feeding of high solid content flux by the metering pump.

SSF2-400 Standard Specification

Dimensions [mm] Length: 1,350mm Width: 1,305mm Height: 1,378mm
P.W.C. access Width : 100 to 400mm, Length : 50 to 400mm
Effective coating width 50 to 400mm
Spray nozzle Two liquid mixing system with clogging-free mechanism
Conveyer speed 0.5 to 2.0 m / min. (Variable)
Operation/Control Sequential control and color LCD touch panel
Exhaust duct Single sirocco fan
Flux solution 1.0L, automatic supply with sensor
Filter Square filters
Chain cleaning unit Quantitative circulation with sensor
Air pressure 0.5 MPa
Power (max.) 200V AC, 3-Phase, 1.6KVA

* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice for improvements of system performance.

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