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New Stable Pressure Flow Soldering Machine
The latest stable pressure flow soldering machine is most suitable for high quality Lead-Free soldering. [PAT.P]


Leading-edge of lead-free soldering technology allows uniform pressure for long lasting operation.

Stable Pressure Flow: Elimination of stabilizing plate allows low maintenanceHigh flow pressure provides sufficient solder in through-holes of multilayer boards and significantly reduces missing solders and bridges.


No clogging with oxides, keeping up a stabilized flow wave.

Eliminating a use of stabilizing plate enables smooth and stable wave for best soldering process with easy maintenance.

Comparison of 2nd flow wave height in continuous operation

Full-open-body for easy maintenance.

Vertical adjustment of the conveyer rail provides flexibility and allows easy cleaning of the pot without removal.

Capability for high grade nitrogen ambient flow soldering.

New N2 full chamber system from preheating to cooling zone is also available.

N2 ambient optional unit (SPF2-400N)

Suitable for high thermal capacity devices allowing sufficient heat supply for soldering.

Flow height can be easily set and maintained at 15mm or above.

PLC + PC operation touch panel

Standard touch panel operation allows changing among Japanese, English, or Chinese.

New lineup of 4 models for 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, and 24 inches PCB widths.

On-Pallet flow soldering is also available.

Flow height can be easily set and maintained at 15mm or above.

PCB carrier, soldering pallet

Optional upper preheater enables more suffi- cient heating.

ECOPASCAL SPF2-300 (SPF2-400) Standard Specification

Dimensions (mm) 4,340mm (L) x 1,330mm (W) x 1,560mm (H)
Conveyor Angle setting:5°
Variable conveyor width by manual operation
Pass line 780mm
Preheater Far infrared rays panel heaters (5kW x 4)
Solder bath Heaters: 0.95kW x 12, Anti-splash heater (0.4kW)
Solder (M705E, 390Kg)
Board dimensions 50 (100)(W) x 100 (L) mm to 300 (400)(W) x 350 (450)(L) mm
Controller PLC + PC controlled touch panel
Weight 1,800 kg (approx.)  solder included
Power supply 3 phase 200V 32.5kw
Option Upper preheating unit, Chiller unit,
PCB Warp prevention blade, Automatic solder feeding,
High wave nozzle

* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice for improvements of system performance.

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