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Static Pressure Flow Soldering System
Advanced Static Pressure Flow (CSPF) System Ideal for
Selective Soldering of Specially Shaped Parts [PAT.]



  • Useful for soldering by nozzles of various sizes and shapes.
  • Ideal for post-mounting of double-sized PCB.
  • Ideal for soldering substrates with large parts mounted on their bottom surface.
  • Useful for soldering substrates after assembly.
  • Useful for soldering long lead connectors.
  • Soldering condition is programmable via touch panel.
  • Automatically operated by reading data in memory.

SOLZEUS Series: Typical specification

Dimensions (mm) 3,070L x 1,200W x 1,650H
Passline 900H ± 20(mm)
Fluxer XY Axis Programable
Preheater Hot Air Blow: 6kW
(Option:Top and Bottom sides Halogen Heater)
Solder bath Continuous static pressure flow system

Heater: 1.2kW x 9
Anti-splash heater: 0.8Kw
Solder capacity: ECOSOLDER M705E 500Kg
Board dimensions 120W x 80L – 250W x 330Lmm
Controller Sequential contro (Omron)
Power supply (max) 3-Phase AC200V 19kVA
Weight (Solder included) 2,000Kg (Approx.)
Options Pressure type Fluxer, Cooling Unit, etc.

Please contact us for further details and technical information. As a leading manufacturer of soldering flux and soldering related materials, we would be pleased to provide advanced solutions in soldering technology.

* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice for improvements of system performance.

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