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Nitrogen Ambient Reflow Oven for Lead-Free Soldering
The new Cross-Nozzle reduces power & nitrogen consumption while decreasing warm-up time. SNR-GT series contribute to your environmental and energy solutions with powerful functionalities. [PAT.P]


  • Equipped with the new Cross-Nozzle
    Heating capability is improved, while reducing power consumption.
  • Innovative heating structure delivers:
    - Reduced nitrogen consumption
    - Shortened warm-up time
    - Improved cooling capability (chiller not required)
  • New flux recovery system realizes higher recovery rate and easier maintenance
  • Other highlights:
    - Intelligent-standby mode
    - Reflow profile measuring mode
    - Compatible with the KIC System

SNR-725GT Standard Specification

Dimensions (mm) 3,000L x 1,326W x 1,430H
Conveyor height 900 ± 20mm
Conveyor speed 0.3 to 1.6 m/min.
PCB Width: 50 to 250mm, Length: 100 to 400mm
PCB process clearance Top side: 20 mm, Bottom side: 10 mm
Heater zones Hot air blowers, 7 zones
Cooling unit Top and bottom cold blast cooling, 1 zone
Power requirements 200VAC, 90A, 3-phase
Weight 1,800kg

Standard Configuration

PLC / PC control, flux recovery unit, board fall detection, board counter, oxygen analyzer, intelligent stand-by mode for energy saving, reflow profile measuring mode, individually controlled blowing fan


PCB warp prevention mechanism, automatic conveyor width adjust, in-out feeder, chiller unit, automatic oxygen concentration control, UPS, top-bottom labyrinth curtain, ECO-mode operation, traceability, conveyor direction made to order

* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice for improvements of system performance.

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