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Preform & Solder Ball


With improvements in the performance and reliability of electronic equipment, the size of components and printed wiring boards are becoming smaller and their density is increasing. Our solder preform is helps cope with such high-density technologies. Poor solder wettability has been a drawback of existing Lead-Free solder. However, since our solder preform contains very little impurities resulting in less oxidation and contamination on the solder surface, it exhibits good solder wettability without flux when hydrogen gas or foaming gas is used.

Our ECO SOLDER Preform is available in various forms to match any application such as washer, ring, pellet, disk or ribbon.

* Please inquire us for your own alloy, form and size specification.


Solder ball requirements include high purity and roundness. ECO SOLDER ball is widely used for soldering microscopic sections of crystal oscillators and diodes, as an electrode bump for hybrid ICs or power diodes in addition to the micro-soldering of BGA, MCM, CSP and FLip Chips.

Our Lead-Free ECO SOLDER ball exhibits excellent wettability though it contains no lead.

Diameter (mm) Tolerance (µm)
ø0.02 to ø0.08 ±3
ø0.1 to ø0.25 ±5
ø0.3 to ø0.45 ±10
ø0.5 to ø0.76 ±20
±10µm type is
available on request.

*Micro balls less than 0.1dia, are available on request

Micro-soldering Fluxes

Micro soldering fluxes ideal for the soldering of our ECO SOLDER Ball. Various fluxes are available to match the method of cleaning and application.

Type Application
Product Solid
(Pa·S 25°C)
Resin Type Transfer DELTALUX GTN-68 67% 25
Transfer DELTALUX 901K 8.5% 20
Printing DELTALUX GTN-68P 67% 90
Water-soluble Transfer SPARKLE FLUX
80% 20
Printing & Transfer SPARKLE FLUX
-- 20
Thermo Setting Resin Type Printing & Transfer JOINT PROTECT FLUX JPK-8 -- 15