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Solder Paste

Solder Paste

Solder paste is prepared by kneading solder powder and solder flux and is used for surface mounting PC boards. SMIC solder paste is a combination of solder powder without oxidation in a uniform particle size and flux with excellent chemical stability. Our paste features excellent properties such as high reliability, good preservation stability, excellent solderability, and low generation of microscopic solder ball.

SMIC solder paste is available in print type and dispenser type according to the form of discharge. Also the RA type and RMA type are available. Solder paste is available in normal type, low-residue type and water-soluble type to match the flux residue and cleaning method for various applications.


Lead-Free ECO SOLDER Paste developed by SMIC is a next-generation solder paste that meets environmental requirements. Compared with existing solder paste, ECO SOLDER Paste solves various Lead-Free problems such as preservation stability, supply stability, solder wettability, and heat resistance resulting from the higher melting point.

  • S70G Series
    A new generation paste family improving upon the industry standard GRN360 with excellent printing stability, enhanced heat resistance, reduced flux splattering, head-in-pillow elimination and tack power. S70G's enhanced wetting capability significantly reduces BGA joint non-wet failures and improves upon the in-circuit probe pin testing ability of previous generation pastes.
  • 374FS Series
    Specially developed for large area die bonding or surface mounting of semiconductor module. Good washability reduce boids generated under bare chip.
  • TVA Series
    Developed for "stackable" 3D component mounting processes and is our most advanced solder paste to date. Consistent volume transfer during dip process.
  • DSR Series
    Newly developed for dispensing excellence, DSR Pastes are compliant with a wide range of applications. Compliant with various heating methods such as; reflow furnaces, rapid heating laser and hot air convection.
  • 345F Series
    The ECO Solder Paste M705-345F Series exhibits excellent post-reflow de-fluxing properties, while maintaining increased thermal resistance, reduced solder balls and very stable viscosity characteristics.


Typical ECO SOLDER Paste products

  S70G Series 374FS Series TVA Series
Alloy M705 M705/M34 M705
Flux content (%) 11.5 11.0 20.0
Haloid content (%) 0.0 0.2 0.0
Powder grain size Type 3 (25 to 45µm)
Type 4 (25 to 36µm)
Type 5 (15 to 25µm)
#42 (25 to 45µm) K (15 to 25µm)
F (5 to 25µm)
A (5 to 15µm)
Viscosity (Pa.S) 190 150 30
Features Improved SMT quality & productivity Good washability, reduce voids Consistent volume
transfer for POP
  DSR Series 345F Series  
Alloy M705 M705, M34  
Flux content (%) 13.0 12.0  
Haloid content (%) 0.05 0.20  
Powder grain size #32 (25 to 36µm)
#21 (15 to 25µm)
#32 (25 to 36µm)
#21 (15 to 25µm)
Viscosity (Pa.S) 70 200  
Features Excellent dispensing
& wetting
Excellent finsh
after cleaning