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Bearing & Bushing

Insuring the superior priority and reliability

Bearings, which literally determine the performance of oil pressure and high precision systems must provide the highest strength quality as they are subjected to extreme environment in terms of load, pressure and stress. Used in automobiles, household appliances, construction equipment and oil pressure/high precision machines, SMIC's bearings, developed by our long experience in pressure welding and sintering and manufactured by the most advanced production systems, have gained the reputation of being the best in the world. Our bearing which provide the highest possible performance were realized by microscopic machining technology and advanced composite materials developed by SMIC.

Our plant in China is in full operation.

Your manufacturing supply needs in China can be quickly and efficiently fulfilled by our conveniently located bearing and bushing plant in Tianjin, China.

Flanged Bushing [for construction equipment]

We have developed the world's first flanged bushing for rollers of construction equipment such as bulldozers and power shovels.

To withstand the severe utilization conditions of construction equipment, we have achieved high rigidity for this high-performance product by providing a back plate on the sliding section by sintering an alloy and joining the flange section and the journal section through friction joint pressure welding. (Our product name: SF bush)

This product has been approved by major construction equipment manufacturers including Caterpilar Inc. and is supplied worldwide.

A formed type product is also made available as an economical choice by forming a flange section directly from a bush. (Our product name: SH bush)

SF bushing (flange section pressure welding type)

Manufacturing range:
Internal diameter of the journal section: ø35mm to 110mm
Thickness of the journal section: 2.0mm to 4.0mm
External diameter of the flange section: ø45mm to 130mm
Thickness of the flange panel: 3.5mm to 5.0mm
Material of the back plate: SPCC (JIS), SAE1010, 1020
Material of the alloy section: SAE797

SH bushing (flange section forming type)

Manufacturing range:
Internal diameter of the journal section: ø25mm to 85mm
Thickness of the journal section: 2.0mm
External diameter of the flange section: ø32mm to 95mm
Thickness of the flange plate: 2.05mm
Material of the back plate: SAE1020
Material of the alloy section: SAE797

Valve Plate [for piston pumps]

Recently, piston pumps have been widely used as hydraulic power sources for diversified industrial and construction equipment. We produce valve plates, which are important functional parts that determine the performance of the pumps.

Iron or a high-strength iron material is generally used as the base metal. We manufacture valve plates without machining by using special high-precision presswork for the material that is developed by sintering a copper alloy, which has a high temperature resistance, on the sliding section.

Presswork can also be applied to the sections such as speed slot (noise reduction slot for sound-proofing) that could only be processed previously by high-precision machines such as those available in machining centers.

Manufacturing range:
Pump capacity: 8cc to 100cc
Pump thickness of the journal section: 300kg/cm and less than that
Plate thickness: 1.5mm to 10mm
External diameter of the flange: ø150mm
Material of the back plate: SAE1010, SAE1045, SS400 (JIS)
Material of the alloy: SAE797

Swash Plate [for automotive variable air compressors]

With more stringent environmental controls, the requests for switching of car air compressors from a fixed type to a variable type have increased so as to reduce the load on the engine. We have developed a special partial diffusion sintering method for manufacturing compressor swash plates, which could previously only be manufactured by a thermal spraying method or using a single steel alloy, and the method is currently being used for mass production.

In this method, a high-strength carbon steel is used as the base metal and the minimum necessary amount of steel metal is spliced on both sides of the base metal, and we provide high quality products at low cost.

Clean Metal™ [nonlubricated bearings]

Our Clean Metals are completely nonlubricated complex bearings. The manufacturing process of the metals starts using the fluorine resin (Teflon), which has a low friction coefficient, as the base. The process continues by adding lead, which is an excellent lubricant, and impregnating the mixture produced by adding the synthetic resin (polyphenylene sulphite), which has high compression strength and also has excellent abrasion and heat resistance, on the porous layer with bronze powder sintered.

This product demonstrates excellent performance over a wide range of applications and is well accepted in various industries. The following versions are available according to the particular purpose.

  • CB85: General nonlubricanted bearing (standard item)
  • CB96: High surface pressure type bearing (lubrication)
    For hydraulic pumps and cylinders [produced on order]
  • CB90: Low friction coefficient bearing (lubrication)
    For 2- and 4-wheel shock absorber [produced on order]