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Important Information
-Precautions Against the Sales of Chinese Counterfeit Products-

As of March 3, 2007
Senju Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

For Our Customers

Thank you for your continued use of SMIC products.

In China, we have been offering our products through our Chinese subsidiary and authorized dealers, but it has recently been discovered that counterfeits of our solder products (resin flux cored solders, solder paste, etc.) have been sold on the Chinese market.
(No counterfeits have been found on the Japanese market so far.)

These counterfeit products have spools and containers of the same types and colors as those of the real products offered by us and our logo and company name have been skillfully copied, making it difficult to distinguish them from the real products with just their external appearances alone.
There have also been reports of those who distribute counterfeit products while posing as subsidiaries or authorized dealers of ours.

These counterfeit products are far inferior to ours in quality.
Some of the counterfeit lead-free solders are reported to have lead content that exceeds the limit regulated by the European RoHS (Restrictions on Hazardous Substances) directive and may have an influence on the shipping of your products if they are used.

Please note that we assume no responsibility whatsoever for any malfunctions or accidents resulting from the use of these counterfeit products.

We ask that you beware of such counterfeit products and that you directly contact us or our Chinese subsidiary if you have any concerns or inquiries concerning any products that you plan on purchasing, vendors, and so on.

Thank you very much for your continued patronage.

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