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Solder Recycle System

SMIC and its affiliate company Takahashi Alloy have developed a solder recycling system to meet the needs of our customers. About 85% of the processed solder can be reused.


1996 Recycle plant established.
1999 Recycle plant has been improved to meet Dioxin regulations and expanded to process more solder.


Lead-Free Solder Recycle Machine "SDS2-5N"

Lead-Free solder recycling system efficiently separates solder in the solder dross, which tends to increase, from oxides.

Specially-processed sesame (E-Sesame) is mixed with dross, and after heating and agitation solder is separated from oxides. Separated solder is put in a simple mold to make bar solder for reuse.

About 90% of solder can be recycled.