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Environmental Activities Through Products

Senju Metal Industry is committed to sustainable development of products through a proactive approach to environmental responsibility.

Environment-friendly Products


Realizing that protection of our environment is our task in the 21st century, SMIC has earnestly extended our research in this area and developed Lead-Free "ECO SOLDER."

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S70GR does not require refrigeration, therefore saves energy and cut down on the manufacturing time and cost. This is the Lead-Free solder paste which provides efficiency and stability.

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Halogen-Free / Lead-Free Soldering Products

Senju has been a leader in the development and supply of the environmentally friendly ECOSOLDER Lead-Free products and is now presenting a range of products meeting the Halogen-Free requirements.

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We offer a wide range of high-quality soldering machines compatible with the Lead-Free soldering materials.

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Lead-Free Solder Recycle Machine

Lead-Free solder recycling system efficiently separates solder in the solder dross, which tends to increase, from oxides. Specially-processed sesame (E-Sesame) is mixed with dross, and after heating and agitation solder is separated from oxides. Separated solder is put in a simple mold to make bar solder for reuse. About 90% of solder can be recycled.

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Solder Recycling System

We've built a solder recycling system and plant in 1997, well ahead of the environmental trend of the industry. With this system developed with our subsidiary Takahashi Gokin, we support the zero-emission and recycling demand of our clients.