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Eco-Friendly Packaging

While actively producing environmentally responsible products itself,
SMIC has also been trying to use recyclable packaging.

New Micro Solder Ball Package

High-precision solder balls used to require a special kind of plastic that may only be recycled with special recycling facility. We have recently switched to a PET packaging to make them easily recycled anywhere around the world. Most of the protective materials are also highly recyclable.

Shipping Materials with Lower Environmental Impact

Utilization of plant-based plastics for cushioning materials

To prevent global warming, cushioning materials inside the shipping packaging were replaced from chemical-based to plant-based foamed plastics.

In addition, by using collective packaging design with polyethylene bag instead of individual packaging, the amount of usage is reduced and the waste management became simple.

Plant-based plastics are biodegradable and do not generate harmful gasses such as dioxins when burned, reducing the use of fossil fuels and preventing environmental pollution.

Utilization of cushioning materials that suppress the generation of dioxins

To reduce combustion pollutants, the material used in ”bubble wrap”, which became famous during the mining accident in Chile, was changed to polyethylene material that suppress the generation of dioxins caused by benzene compounds.

As this material is degraded by light, heat, and microbes when disposed, the waste can also be effectively managed to prevent environmental pollution.

We are replacing the existing packaging materials with the new ones above, starting with the shipment from the Tokyo plant.