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Reducing CO2

Preserving and Planting Trees

Preservation of the Pine Tree Forest at Tochigi Plant

In November of 1966, Tochigi Plant was built on the 33,000 square meters of land and the bearing products were first transferred over for production. Upon the beginning of the construction works, it was the company's determination to provide protection and preservation of existing pine trees as much as possible, and those trees are still standing today. This area is known as one of the ancient "Oshu Kaido" roads, and the employees enjoy quiet moments of tranquility.

Environmental Protection and Tree Planting Program
for Upcoming New Tochigi Plant Construction

At the 99,000 square meters of land acquired in Mooka City in Tochigi for the new plant construction, species such as pheasants and hawks inhabit and coexistence must be facilitated with the native inhabitants. In an effort to protect the environment, trees and plants remain preserved in the new construction site from the time of purchase. 3,500 trees were newly planted and the company is committed towards sustainable development and restoration of ecosystem.

Iwate Plant: Natural Forest Preservation

At Iwate Plant, 66,000 square meters out of 99,000 square meters of land are preserved as natural forest.

Energy Management & Reduction of CO2 Emissions

Energy Conservation Measures in the Headquarters Buildings

In the headquarters buildings, demand control systems and hybrid fans are installed to reduce energy consumption. When the power consumption reaches near regulation level, a demand control system automatically reduces air conditioning capacity to 70% to conserve energy and reduce CO2 emissions at the same time. In addition, hybrid fans are installed in the ceiling of every room to circulate the air to provide more uniform temperature in each room. As a result, employees in the office benefit from the comfort of uniform air temperature while conserving energy by lowering the room temperature by 10 to 20% as compared to before installations.

Elimination of Incandescent Light Bulbs

In the headquarters buildings, the traditional incandescent lighting bulbs are replaced with fluorescent light bulbs for energy saving and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Good Housekeeping Practices

To ensure that energy is being used efficiently, good housekeeping measures are incorporated in the office environment such as turning off lights during lunch and when not in use. In addition, motion sensor lighting is installed in the stairway and bathrooms to control lighting and reduce energy consumption.

CO2 Reduction of 1,700 tons by a Cogenerated Power Station at Tochigi Plant

The CO2 emissions of the company's homemade power generating station at Tochigi Plant were effectively reduced by replacing the crude oil A with city gas. With this change, they company achieved the reduction of CO2 emissions by 1,700 tons in the fiscal year of 2007 as compared to the fiscal year of 2005. Furthermore, by utilizing exhaust gas generated from the power station, heating and air conditioning systems are cogenerated to run inside the buildings.

Energy Conservation in Tochigi Plant's Roofing System

To conserve heating and air conditioning costs and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the Tochigi Plant's bearing product manufacturing buildings, a layer of insulation was installed directly on the top of the existing roof and a new roof was installed on the top of the insulation, creating three layers roofing system. This insulation method is highly cost-effective, sustainable, and energy-efficient in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Adoption of Hybrid Vehicles

Corporate vehicles are replaced with more energy-efficient hybrids to reduce CO2 footprint. We currently have 12 hybrid vehicles which average in 2,750km / month per vehicle at 22km / litter.

Video Conferencing System

Video conferencing system has been installed at our major locations to cut on transportation energy consumption. An estimated CO2 amount of 400kg is reduced at a single sales staff meeting.

Energy Reduction Policy for New Equipment and Facility

We've revised our internal company policy on equipment and facility purchases to aggressively conserve energy. Under the policy, new purchases must be more energy-efficient than the existing ones. Energy consumption has been reduced by more than 10% with the new purchases.