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Business Continuity Plan

To meet eventual emergencies such as natural disasters, earthquakes, fires, explosions and in order to be able to resume business operations at the earliest possible stage and minimizing resulting damage, our company group has adapted rules and measures including preventive actions in our daily business routine.

We are fully prepared to resume priority business operations in the case of an emergency. When, for an example, due to damages caused by an earthquake, a production facility is inoperable, a backup system allows for shifting production to an alternate facility. On the other hand, we have established an effective cooperation system with supplying and logistic partners providing material and parts.

Business Continuity

Our company group is well prepared for the eventual occurrence of an emergency such as earthquakes, fires, explosions - any whatever irregularity interfering with our business operations. We have established an Emergency Management Directive and an Emergency Action Plan allowing for immediate evaluation and confirmation of the current status in case of an emergency and appropriate action to minimize the damage inflicted on our clients and stakeholders as a result of a disruption of business operations as well as resuming our main business operations at the earliest possible stage.


Preventive Measures Against Large-scale Earthquakes

Tochigi plant houses R&D department and a part of manufacturing facility in a building with quake-absorbing structure. The servers that run core system are also placed in the same building to continue our operations even in times of major disaster without halting the system.

Furthermore, to prepare for a large-scale earthquake, our main production facility in Tochigi is equipped with its own 2.100kW electric power generation plant.

We've also built a new automated-warehouse at Tochigi plant to continuously deliver products in times of emergency and to fulfill our responsibility as a major solder manufacturer.

Nisshinn-Rou building's
quake-absorbing structure

Quake-absorbing structure
from outside


Swine Flu Prevention

SMIC's fundamental principles state that the safety and health of our employees, people in the neighborhood and clients are the first priority. We are acting in accordance with our bacterial infection prevention guidelines to protect them from infections.

Air purifiers machines and antiseptic are placed at the entrance to our buildings and rooms like cafeteria where many employees gather.