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Management Philosophy

Senju define 'company' as a place where all employees share core values and are able to use the lines of communication as a 'practice field' for success. It is our strongest hope that company growth is connected directly to employee happiness and contentment. It is also expected that the company will continue to provide the highest standard of products, year after year. Our management philosophy is to harmonize corporate values with employee values, thereby enabling our mission to be a valued institution spreading peace, happiness and progress to all of society.

Three key elements are necessary under this philosophy in order to advance company development and ensure the success of this mission; Ability, Sincerity and a Fighting Spirit. Naturally, when these elements are fostered inside the institution, a bright, peaceful and vigorous workplace emerges. We are confident that the company's growth will continue as this pioneering spirit is promoted in the everyday workplace.

Together we adopt this philosophy and instill this within our beliefs. Let's put a bridge of peace and friendship across the entire corporate landscape and work together building joyful, healthy lives.

June, 1960
Senju Sato