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Developing Products to Satisfy Diversified Demands

Eietsu Hasegawa, CEO

Senju Metal Industry Co., Ltd. is enforcing the company's endeavors to cope with diversifying needs of customers and rapidly changing global values by strengthening R&D and environment-minded technological innovations. To realize sustainable society, SMIC strongly values and acts upon CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) with our management philosophy to “fulfill responsibility as a public entity.”

Founded in the year 1938, we have been manufacturing solder, soldering machinery and bearing and bushing that are vital for electronics and automotive industries. Our principle to “deliver outstanding and meaningful products to the world” has been at the core of product engineering and innovation to fulfill demanding requirements of cutting-edge frontiers. We have built SMIC brand by winning trust and faith, and even high expectations from customers through providing engineering know-how and products that we have grown over many years.

In 1996, we pioneered the development of the industry's first environmentally friendly lead-free ECO SOLDER M705. We continued our effort by releasing lead-free bearing and bushing in 2008, high precision Micro Soldering Balls in 2009, and high-strength lead-free solder for automobiles M53 in 2011. We are offering a very wide range of products empowering customers to “choose by purpose” for the industry trends for high quality, low cost, low temperature, 3D integration, high functionality and high‐density packaging.

Through our painful experience in the major earthquake in Eastern Japan on March 11, 2011, we are updating and reinforcing risk management and disaster management operations that includes BCP (Business Continuity Plan).

Human kind is faced with more advanced technologies to solve environmental challenges like global warming and protection of natural and biological diversities. To realize an environmental revolution to change the society significantly, we need innovative technologies that are far beyond an extension of existing technologies.

At SMIC, we are observing these matters from a global perspective. To prepare for a new era, we are building comprehensive solutions through ECOtronics, an innovative platform fusing environmental, electronic, mechanical, and chemical core technologies.

We are looking forward to further enhancing excellent partnerships with our customers and suppliers to build an even stronger mutual trust.


* SMIC, ECO SOLDER, ECOtronics and logotypes are trademarks or registered trademarks of Senju Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

* ECOtronics, is a communication logo promoting, in our company and beyond, Senju Metal’s business strategy to establish a technological platform in the pursuit of revolutionary environmental innovations by way of fusing environmental, electronical, mechanical and chemical core technologies. It is a registered trademark for an action program aiming at creating new values by means of securing a sustainable supply of ecological products, thus contributing to the environment and future generations, promoting and enhancing core technologies, achieving synergies, blending industrial technologies and further developing our creative power.