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SMIC's Business

SMIC Group's Worldwide Operations







The corporate mark for Senju Metal Industry Group.

SMIC logo is a trademark and/or
registered trademark of Senju Metal Industry.

Headquarters building


SMIC is a Manufacturer Specializing in Connection Solutions.

SMIC positions soldering materials, FA equipment, and bearing and bushing operations as core our businesses. We combine core technologies like electronics, chemicals and mechanics, and develop them further to create a synergy effect. We have been significantly contributing to the diversifying high-tech movement in the electronics, semiconductor and automotive industries.

To tackle the major challenges to realize environmental innovations, we have initiated "Smart Connection Action Program," the new generation connection technology architecture strategy. With our superior creative know-how and ideas, we operate globally to provide creative solutions.


SMIC is a Leading Solder Manufacturer in the World.

SMIC provides Lead-Free ECOSOLDER in all forms.


SMIC's Business Areas

  • Manufacturing and sales of molten metal, alloy, casting, extension and processed goods.
  • Manufacturing and sales of metal powder, and bearing and bushing products.
  • Manufacturing and sales of soldering solvent and adhesive.
  • Manufacturing and sales of fire extinguishing and explosion prevention equipment and materials.
  • Manufacturing and sales of equipments related to the products above.


SMIC's Global Network

Primary clients: 200 companies in Japan and 1,500 companies worldwide.